Women and the Egyptian Revolution: An Interview with Mona Eltahawy

The blog by Anna Therese Day originally appeared in MS. Magazine on 4/27/12.

This week, a cover story in Foreign Policy magazine, “Why Do They Hate Us?”, ignited an explosion of praise, criticism and feverish discussion about women’s rights and gender equality in the Arab world. The piece elicited responses from across the globe and the political spectrum, cracking open one of the region’s most pressing issues–one that is often silenced, ignored or dismissed.

Yesterday, the story’s author, Egyptian American journalist Mona Eltahawy, joined Intersections International in New York City as the 2012 recipient of the Intersections Award. Presented to her by Ms. Global Editor Robin Morgan, the award honors those who have been voices for peace, justice and reconciliation during conflict and crisis. Eltahawy was chosen for:

…her bravery, strength and conviction in her work at the intersection of religion, culture & conflict, her incisive coverage of the Arab Spring, her use of social media to convene and create dialogue around Arab and Muslim issues, her resilience after being attacked and sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square, and her bold outspokenness on women’s issues around the globe.

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