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Wisdom At Work

Power and Values explores the values that guide our leaders and ourselves as we make decisions in our work, our community, and our lives. We identify and model values-based leadership and explore how such leadership fosters more peaceful, just and reconciled communities.

This past October Intersections co-sponsored the Wisdom at Work Conference hosted by The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, of the Walton School of Business at the University of Arkansas. Senior Fellow Sam Simon was a member of the planning committee and participated in the Conference. Intersections for the second year also co-sponsored the Spirit at Work Awards which were presented on behalf of the Tyson Center and Intersections. The 2012 award winners were Dr. Andre Delbecq, director for the Institute for Spirituality of Organizational Leadership conducting dialog between theologians, executives and management scholars, and Dr. J. Robert Ouimet, chairman of the board and CEO of Holding O.C.B. Inc, Cordon Bleu International Ltd. Dr. Ouimet is also president of the “To God Go” Foundation.

During the conference Simon hosted two programs: a workshop and play reading. The workshop, “A Different Kind of Leader,” presented the concept of leadership that transcends particular context and brings positive change to the world. The presentation proposed the idea that the path to such leadership stems from faith and values traditions in people’s lives.

In addition, Simon presented a featured pre-conference program with a reading of his original play “The Actual Dance,” which explores the spiritual and emotional journey of taking a loved-one through end of life. The play reminds us that there may come a time in our lives when we suddenly find ourselves dealing with existential questions and emotionally difficult moments.