Power and Values

The Power and Values program explores the intersection of powerful people and the values they use to exercise that power.  The Program advances values-based leadership, governance and decision making as a means to promote a more just and sustainable world.  We intentionally bring unlikely voices around common tables, engaging dialogue that challenges conventional thinking and enables leaders to tap multiple, sometimes unexpected, sources on their path to values-based leadership.


Wed, 3 Apr 2013
ArticleNetwork for Meaning

On the evening of February 5th, an array of professionals young and old gathered at Intersections seeking answers to questions such as: How do I define success? How do I find fulfillment at work? What does money mean to me? How do I relate all of this to my goals -- both personal and professional?   The exploration of the... more...

Wed, 6 Mar 2013
Developing a Values Practice

Life gets in the way, doesn’t it? How often have you used that as an explanation of why something that you intended or wanted to do did not get done? As business leaders talk and think about their leadership and specific concepts of “values based leadership.” Thanks to my little sister Sue (Simon) Pickens-Owens, I have... more...

Tue, 29 Jan 2013
Wisdom At Work

Power and Values explores the values that guide our leaders and ourselves as we make decisions in our work, our community, and our lives. We identify and model values-based leadership and explore how such leadership fosters more peaceful, just and reconciled communities. This past October Intersections co-sponsored the Wisdom at Work... more...