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Our Global Melting Pot

On the international day that commemorates girls, Intersections gathered together an intimate group of stakeholders to hear about the work of two global humanitarians transforming the lives of those in their communities. Rev. Derrick Jones, Supervisor for the Reformed Church in America (RCA) Mission in Africa and Oman was incredibly helpful in facilitating the visit of Ms. Lucy Awate-Dabi of RECONCILE South Sudan and Bishop Simon Muntolol of Maasailand, Kenya. Ms. Awate-Dabi is a wife, mother of ten and a social worker. She is the psychosocial rehabilitation coordinator with RECONCILE (Resource Center for Civil Leadership) in Yei, South Sudan where she works to equip communities with the knowledge and skills for peacebuilding in a country ravaged by war. Through civic education and advocacy, trust building and trauma healing, she works to transform the conflict men, women and children endure into peace and reconciliation. No small feat. “Everyone says peace, peace, peace, but there is no peace in the land,” she shares.

The challenges are monumental in this country of an estimated 10-12 million people. South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011 and since 2013, more than 2.5 million people have fled fighting with over 2 million internally displaced, fleeing into nearby countries and unknown thousands killed.

Bishop Simon Muntolol is helping to bring life-saving access to clean water for his Maasai nomadic community which has struggled against severe droughts for more than a decade. Bishop Muntolol, a Maasai leader and Christian for more than 30 years trains evangelists, does church planting and is digging wells in partnership with Maasai Outreach Mission. Life-giving water and the life-giving word of God coalesce in meaningful ways. From 39 churches and 3000 members in 2007 to 130 churches today with over 15,000 members, transformation is indeed happening. The RCA has contributed to the completion of nine deep water wells and three green houses for food security. Intersections will continue to support these important projects impacting the daily lives of our neighbors on the other side of the world.

To learn more about Ms. Lucy Awate-Dabi and the work of RECONCILE and Bishop Simon Muntolol and his work in Kenya, please visit or email Rev. Derrick Jones at

See photos from this event here.