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Network for Meaning

On the evening of February 5th, an array of professionals young and old gathered at Intersections seeking answers to questions such as: How do I define success? How do I find fulfillment at work? What does money mean to me? How do I relate all of this to my goals -- both personal and professional?
The exploration of the intersection of work and meaning is the goal of “Network for Meaning,” an initiative of Intersections’ Power and Value project that seeks to connect and “network” those individuals who, despite professional or financial success, are not sure what it means to be successful in their own lives and in the world at large.    

Jullien Gordon began the evening by asking the group this question: “What does success mean for you, right now, today?”  He encouraged us to create definitions of success for each day, week and our larger lifetime. He also suggested specific ways to think about success so that it was achievable in realistic ways.

Brian Shields offered an approach to success stemming from the question of “why?” In business, “why” is a critical question  -- Why are we offering this product, or why are we in this market? On a personal note, the questions might be: Why do I go to work every day?  Why am I at this company? It is on the answer to that “why” that strategy and tactics are based.

Of course the answer for many people is: I go to work to make “money.” With the help of Phoebe Myrhum, we explored the question “what does money mean?”

And finally, Alan Lurie helped us distinguish between “ego” and “spirit.” We learned how to approach each day with conscious awareness of the spirit, and gained the ability to tap into that spirit even in the midst of chaos.  

Our next Network for Meaning event is scheduled for Tuesday,  May 7th 2013 at Intersections International office, 274 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10001. Please RSVP here if you wish to attend.