Finally, I get to experience the world

One of the worst things about being deployed was being trapped on the base all the time.  On the occasions that I did get to venture out, I was restricted to when and where I could go.  I understood the necessity of the restrictions, but would have really liked more freedom to explore my surroundings.

However, I found that this desire to explore was lost on many of my fellow military members. When I was stationed in Qatar, I remember wanting to get off the base so much that I would volunteer for Aerovac missions into Iraq, but it was not easy for us to actually go into the city (Qatar) and wander around at that time.  First, you needed someone who could drive you.  Second, you needed to file clearance paperwork; and lastly you could only go to a couple of small areas in the city.  It didn’t matter in any case, because the people who were driving you off base only went to one of two places:  the mall in the city, or the Army base (at that time the Army base was much nicer than the Air Force base). Read more.