Briefings on the UPIC Initiative and 2013 Trip to Pakistan

UPIC delegates have a unique opportunity to hear from others with whom they may not otherwise come in contact, and to improve US-Pakistan relations at popular and policy levels simultaneously. Final policy recommendations will be shared in a report to be issued after the conclusion of the April 2013 Pakistan conference. Delegates’ collaborative policy goals will be advanced through ongoing networking, media placements and other broad-based communications strategies.

  • Invite Pakistani and American delegates to participate in briefings at major universities in Pakistan and the US. American delegates will be invited to speak at IIU and LUMS in April 2013. Delegates will work with Intersections International to arrange briefings at American universities in May 2013 and beyond.
  • Government change-makers will be briefed on the most important priority areas that emerged during the April 2013 meeting.
  • US delegates will inform their elected representatives about UPIC priority issues in May 2013.
  • Delegates will arrange briefings and conversations with their religious communities and interreligious organizations regarding their participation in UPIC as part of the agendas formed during the April 2013 conference.

Next Steps
In the coming weeks, Intersection will be reaching out to congregations, universities, government institutions, and community centers to discuss scheduling briefings for May and June 2013. Because of the upcoming Pakistani elections in May 2013, Intersections envisions there will be a lot of interest from community organization to contribute to the action agenda developed by UPIC.

Conversations are currently underway with several institutions including:

Georgetown University
Hartford Seminary
George Mason University, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
US Institute for Peace.

To schedule a briefing or learn more about this initiative, please contact Sara Reef at or by phone at +1.646.723.7825.