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    Thu, 16 Jan 2020
    ArticleAchieving Gender Equality and Furthering...

    Intersections remains staunchly committed to gender equality and the safety, wellbeing and freedom of women and girls; this is critical to our global peacemaking work. On January 16th, Rachel McCave, Intersections Program and Administrative Associate participated in a lively discussion at NGO CSW on how organizations and individuals... more...

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    Tue, 14 Jan 2020
    ArticleYear of Return to Ghana: An Homage to...

    What happens when a large group of individuals reconnect and trace their roots back hundreds of years to the exact same place where their ancestors once lived? Often, when we hear about ‘birthright’ trips, we may think of Israel and Judaism. But the 2019 Year of Return to Ghana aims to add a new perspective: African... more...

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    Wed, 8 Jan 2020
    ArticleBOL Bookshelf Review: “I Am Jazz”

    Welcome to the first installment of The Believe Out Loud Bookshelf!    This segment will highlight LGBT-oriented books and authors that are making a difference in the community.   The first book to be reviewed on The Believe Out Loud Bookshelf is “I Am Jazz,” co-authored by Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel... more...

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    Mon, 6 Jan 2020
    ArticleEpiphany is Here to Liberate Us

    Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, proclaims and rejoices in the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. In Western Christianity, this day serves as a remembrance of the visit from foreign, gift- bearing astronomers to the Christ Child. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they were... more...

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    Wed, 25 Dec 2019
    ArticleHome for the Holidays: Mixing Christmas with...

    I often tell young people that when we learn to support the progress of others, we quickly notice that we are not easily intimidated by their success. Instead, we learn that collaboration is the new way forward; we form partnerships where we learn from each other and not envy each other. In Bob Proctor’s book, You Were Born... more...

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    Mon, 23 Dec 2019
    ArticleAdvent Reflections

    In Advent, while we await the birth of Jesus, so many things come to life. Lights flicker on trees, wreaths are hung and typical house plants are replaced by festive poinsettias, all seeming to symbolize expectation and arrival, an outward hope. However, the anticipation of a cozy and cheerful holiday is not accurate for many people.... more...

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    Sun, 22 Dec 2019
    ArticleThe Jewish Festival of Light

    Today at sundown begins Hanukkah – the Jewish festival of light. Hanukkah commemorates the rebellion and victory of a small and poorly armed group of Jews over the powerful army of Syrian king Antiochus who had brought Judea under his control and subsequently outlawed Judaism, desecrated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and violently... more...

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    Fri, 20 Dec 2019
    ArticleThe Effect of the Climate Crisis on Women

    Intersections International holds special ECOSOC Consultative Status at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. This membership shares a space with several international organizations working to fight against gender discrimination and help solve the global climate crisis, as well as many other pressing societal... more...

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    Tue, 17 Dec 2019
    ArticleThe Voices of Israel and Palestine

    I’ve just returned from an 11-day trip to the Holy Land, which was a collaboration among RCA Women’s Transformation and Leadership, RCA missionaries Sally and Josh Vis, and PhD candidate and RCA minister Dustyn Keepers. We climbed Mt. Arbel and walked the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. We visited archaeological sites of Qumran... more...

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    Thu, 12 Dec 2019
    ArticleSeventy-One Years of Human Rights: Equality in...

    Tuesday, December 10th, marked the 71st anniversary of Human Rights Day. This year’s theme is “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights.” The youth are the future. Raising them to respect one another despite differences in religion, skin tone, and cultural background, and sexuality is key in creating a safer and more... more...