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    Tue, 5 Nov 2013
    East Meets (Mid)West

    Last week, six Intersections staff members traveled to Central College, a small liberal arts school in Pella, Iowa to teach classes, lead workshops and facilitate gatherings with students, faculty, staff and community leaders. Our charge was to share our expertise in creating safe space for dialogue across lines of... more...

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    Wed, 16 Oct 2013
    ArticleThe Intersections of Our Lives

    When first learning about Intersections at a lunch in December of 2007 with [Executive Director] Robert Chase, I was captivated by the prospect of engaging the intersections of differences and conflict to forge common ground for reconciliation, justice and peace. As a person who had spent nearly 40 years in Washington working at first... more...

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    Tue, 24 Sep 2013
    The Pope and the President

    Maybe there's something in the water. Last week, two world leaders offered interviews containing hopeful signs of reconciliation and peace. Pope Francis, in an interview with Antonio Spadaro in the Catholic magazine, America, reaffirmed the compassionate, reconciling tone he has used in previous interviews. For Catholics who long... more...

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    Wed, 11 Sep 2013
    Almost Sunset at the 9/11 Memorial

    Sunday was incredibly beautiful—bright, warm, dry—one of those days that happen all too infrequently in New York City. I had just walked the streets of lower Manhattan in the 9/11 Unity Walk, co-sponsored by Intersections, Religions for Peace USA and the Interfaith Center of NY. That evening, we seemed on the brink of yet... more...

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    Tue, 3 Sep 2013
    On Red Lines and Open Tables

    When it comes to American foreign policy, we continue to get ourselves into no-win situations. The latest swamp is the Syrian Civil War and the appropriate (?) ethical (?) strategic (?) role the US should play as a result of seemingly incontrovertible evidence that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people,... more...

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    Mon, 19 Aug 2013
    Intersections Has Moved

    Intersections has moved. While it’s true that we are always refining and refocusing our work intellectually and spiritually, this time we have physically moved. After almost six years in our “home” at 274 Fifth Avenue, we have a bright, new location: 145 W. 28th Street, 11 th Floor, New York, NY 10001. It was easy to... more...

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    Fri, 2 Aug 2013
    The Actual Dance

    Some issues we address at Intersections are captured on front pages: the reintegration of US veterans into civilian life; the relationship between the US and Pakistan; full inclusion for LGBT persons; polarization in American society by race, religion, economic inequality. Other issues lie behind the headlines, and linger without... more...

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    Mon, 15 Jul 2013
    George Zimmerman Verdict

    Sometimes, legal decisions can cloud larger realities. The arbitrary nature of our criminal justice system, weighted as it is toward those who are white and wealthy, can turn on minutia, misinformation or a misguided legal approach. The results of court cases, especially criminal cases, speak to specifics regarding evidence, litigious... more...

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    Wed, 26 Jun 2013
    Marriage Equality

    The landscape shifted today as the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act and dismissed California's Proposition 8. These decisions are but another moment in the inexorable bending of the arc of history towards justice and that day when there is full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and... more...

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    Tue, 4 Jun 2013
    Healing For All: A First-Hand Experience

    Two weeks ago, I had my left shoulder surgically replaced. After more than a decade of decreased mobility and increased pain, replacement surgery was the only option for relief and repair. I spent two nights in the hospital. Complications extended a 90 minute procedure to four hours, but otherwise things went smoothly. I have returned to... more...