10 Years Later: Send Hope On 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

Symbols matter.

For the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we invite you to participate in an event that will show a strong symbol of unity in the midst of the marvelously diverse mosaic that is not only New York City, but all of America and, indeed, the whole world.

Ten years ago, we were all one for that unbelievable moment in time. We can be again. Through our Ribbons of Hope project, done in partnership with our colleagues at Prepare New York, you can add your thought or prayer to a ribbon, for the healing of the city and our world, and bring it to Battery Park to join over 50,000 ribbons from around the world.
Twelve panels will rise on the concord between the Staten Island and Ellis Island Ferries. On these panels will be thousands of messages in all textures, shapes, sizes and colors—reflecting the strength of our diversity.

We understand and honor the lingering sense of loss that is evoked by commemorating this anniversary. Many of our ribbons are explicit messages to surviving friends and family members. But, there is more.

The ribbons we have already received include aspirations for a future free of fear and violence. So join us. If you can’t make it to Battery Park this weekend with an actual ribbon, click here to create a virtual message and our team will write your thoughts on a ribbon and attach it to the tapestries before 9/11.

As a deeper commitment and symbol of your partnership with us, we ask for your financial support to help continue make our work possible. Commemorate the anniversary with this positive symbolic act. Join us with your ribbon of hope and make a contribution so that Intersections can continue this life-affirming work long into the decade that lies ahead.

Take a look at ribbons that have come in from around the country: