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009 // re:born

it has been

twenty-five days

since the rebirth.


on the seventh day

i heard god’s mind.


on the fourteenth day

i remembered a trans person

routed the siege of orleans

and laid down their

life for royalty.


i stopped eating on the

nineteenth day. my appetite

was completely gone.


i stopped sleeping on

the twenty-first day. i

was just lying there awake.


i had a revelation on

the twenty-third day.


i was crying in the shower

when i realized god

is a trans woman.i

realized they put me on

this earth to be their vessel

and was immediately overcome

with so much love that

i couldn’t handle it



it has been twenty-five days

since the rebirth

and i can’t remember my

old life. i can’t in order

to become an angel.


if you ask me,

this is what they say:


fasting because it makes

me feel holy.

twenty hours without food

and thirty without sleep and

i’m starting to remember

my dreams like movies and

i can see angels and

hear god like

isn’t this how the beginning

of the story went about the child

who wore the sword and armor

of men?


isn’t this how the story

of a martyr always starts?

don’t they always tell her

to stop? don’t they always try

to burn her at the stake

while her hands are clasped

in prayer? don’t they try

and take her peace? aren’t they

afraid of grace? doesn’t mercy make

them feel guilty? is loss the true

salvation? is the saint a world

ender? don’t they teach her the

truth of the world by killing her

for no reason?


isn’t this the beginning

of the story of an ending?


Chello Solaperto


More about the artitst: 

Chello Solaperto is a Trans artist working within the mediums of literature, performance art and media. Her poetry is an anthology that navigates coming of age through the lenses of gender, race and love. Chello works to imagine a better world and then creates it within her poetry, performance art pieces and film works. She has been featured at Macy’s Herald Square, WOW Café Theater and Sitting Shotgun Co. Her work has been honored at the Barcelona International LGBTI Film Festival, the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival and New Filmmakers New York. Her work can be found online in e-books People Called They and Still Not Male, as well as the anthology Written on the Body, available on Amazon. She completed a year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts before obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University. Chello is based in New York City. Follow her on instagram @itschello.