Service Together

Uniting veterans and civilians in mutual pursuit of social justice to bridge the military-civilian divide

Service Together bridges the military-civilian divide by uniting veterans and their communities in mutual pursuit of social justice.

Service Together’s vision is that veterans will be able to leverage their unique perspective and experience to further social justice initiatives in partnership with their civilian peers. More


Fred Johnson interviews Queens rapper and poet Ha Style, featured artist performing at Soundtrack of War on June 4 at the Queens Museum!

Thu, 9 Nov 2017
blogThe WWII Myth

Why do we Americans continue to subscribe to the World War II myth, the myth that all of our country’s World War II veterans are or should be venerated? Who’s to blame? Hollywood? Jeremy Warneke, Craft of War Writing Instructor Articles like 7 Lessons in Manliness From the Greatest Generation don’t help. In it,... more...

Wed, 18 Oct 2017
blogFrom Szczecin to DC, a Curtain of Ignorance and...

When I tell people where my fiancé is from, I proudly recall that Churchill mentioned her hometown in his famous Iron Curtain Speech. Her town of birth, Szczecin, was once a part of Germany—and the northern end of Churchill’s Iron Curtain. If you wander through its streets you’ll see German buildings and,... more...

Thu, 5 Oct 2017
blogYes, Black Lives Matter, why do you ask?

I was living comfortably as a middle-class stooge in Manhattan when a discussion among friends moved to police killings. I mentioned that the little I knew about the police was that their training was insufficient and the shootings, though certainly race-based, could be laid upon the doorsteps of this training. Looking back at this... more...

Thu, 21 Sep 2017
blogSlavery in the 21st Century and the 13th...

When my fiancé and I arrived in Aruba, my only knowledge of the island was a missing white girl from a few years back. Well, that and the resorts for which I had come. The first few days we spent there we did the typical bourgeois things such as sit on the beach and swim and cool off in the cafes. And, if only to highlight from... more...