The Sacred Nile: An Evening with Chester Higgins
The Sacred Nile: An Evening with Chester Higgins

For the past five decades, artist Chester Higgins has been using his camera to search for the unseen — “that which is innate within all things and informs the appearance of our world.

Higgins’s work has culminated in exhibitions worldwide and in numerous books, including Feeling the Spirit: Searching the World for the People of Africa and his biography Echo of the Spirit.

Currently he is researching and photographing monuments and other antiquity sites along the River Nile from the 6,000-foot high mountains of Kush (modern-day Ethiopia) through Nubia (Sudan) down to the ancient land of Kemet (Egypt). In this latest project, entitled The Sacred Nile: Where It All Began, Higgins narrates the story of the African beginnings of spirituality, antecedents of the Biblical world.



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Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm
Location: 145 West 28th
New York, NY 10037
United States
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